Academic Probation, Dismissal, and Withdrawal

Administrative Withdrawal

Ringling College reserves the right to administratively withdraw students who stop attending classes. Administratively withdrawn students are responsible for all financial obligations incurred for the entire semester and will not be permitted to remain in campus housing.

Academic Probation

All undergraduate students must maintain minimum semester and cumulative grade point averages (GPA) of 2.0 (equivalent to a C) to remain in Good Standing. Students are placed on Academic Probation if their semester GPA or cumulative GPA falls below 2.0., or if they fail (grade of F) three credit hours.

Academic Dismissal

Students falling into any of the following categories will be subject to academic dismissal:

  1. If a student has been placed on probation in the two previous consecutive semesters, and his or her cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 for a third consecutive semester or if they fail (grade of F) three credit hours.
  2. Students who have failing grades for six or more credit hours in a semester.
  3. First semester, first-year students who have a cumulative GPA below 1.00.

Academically dismissed students have 10 days from receipt of notification to appeal their academic dismissal. They must appeal in writing to the Academic Standards Committee. Letters of appeal should be addressed to the Office of Advising, Records and Registration Services. The decision of the Academic Standards Committee is final. Transcripts of students who have been academically dismissed will bear the notation “Academic Dismissal,” which indicates the student has been involuntarily separated from Ringling College for failure to meet minimum academic standards. Generally, academically dismissed students will not be considered for readmission for one academic year. Successful progress at Ringling College means more than just maintaining a 2.0 G.P.A. Students failing to make satisfactory academic progress may not meet the requirements for scholarships, state and federal grants, or student loans. Those students with a weak G.P.A. should check immediately with the Director of Financial Aid to review how their academic status may affect their financial aid.

Academic Probation & Dismissal for Military Affiliated 

Academic probation for two consecutive semesters or academically dismissed military affiliated students will result in the termination of VA education benefits for unsatisfactory progress. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will be notified of this action.

Military Mobilization/Activation Withdrawal

Military members, veterans, reservists and members of the National Guard who are attending Ringling College of Art and Design may receive orders for active duty, redeployment or relocation. Dependents of military personnel who receive orders also may be affected in a similar manner.

In such cases, the College must receive a copy of the student’s or military personnel’s activation, redeployment or relocation orders issued from the military in order to proceed with the dropping of courses for the term of activation.  Activation documentation must be submitted to the School Certifying Official with the Military Withdrawal Form.

Students called to active service are guaranteed readmission upon the completion of active service.  A readmission application will need to be completed through the Office of Advising, Records, and Registration when ready to return. 

Depending on when the activation occurs students have two options:

Option 1.

Students called to active service prior to the last five (5) weeks of the end of the term may elect to withdraw from the college with a full refund of all out of pocket fees. No course credit and no course grades will be awarded.

The financial aid office will perform the standard return of Title IV refund calculation based on the student's last date of attendance. Funds will be returned to the appropriate program as mandated by federal regulation.

Students will be refunded 100% of the student's payment. Any balance created by the return of funds to appropriate programs and personal funds will be written off by the college.

Option 2.

Students called to active service within five (5) weeks of the end of the term may elect to receive Incomplete (I) grades in all courses. The time period allowed for satisfying the Incomplete grades would begin on the date of release from active service. Students who elect this alternative are not eligible for the refund of fees.

Voluntary Withdrawal from College

Students considering withdrawing from the College must complete a “Withdrawal Form,” available through the Office of Advising, Records, and Registration Services. All financial commitments to the College must be fulfilled, as stipulated in the Refund Policy in effect at the time of withdrawal. It is the student’s obligation to remove their possessions from campus housing within 24 hours of withdrawing.

The refund policy does not apply if the student does not follow the withdrawal policy outlined here. Additionally, if a student abandons possessions, those items will be donated to charity.

Medical Withdrawal Policy for Serious Illness &/or Documented Disabilities

Medical withdrawals are not permitted at Ringling College of Art and Design except in extraordinary circumstances due to either documented serious illness or documented disabilities necessitating a medical withdrawal. A student who feels that such extraordinary circumstance exists must comply with the following requirements for consideration of a medical withdrawal:

  1. A request for a medical withdrawal must be made in writing and directed to the Associate Dean/Director of Health Services or designee. The writing must state the reason for the request, the particular semester or semesters for which the request is made, and the length of leave requested.
  2. The medical withdrawal request must be accompanied by the Medical Withdrawal Provider Report Form supporting the reason for the request. 
  3. Following receipt of the documentation referenced above, a meeting with the Associate Dean/Director of Health Services or designee may or may not be offered or required. 
  4. Decisions relating to medical withdrawals will be made by the Associate Dean/Director of Health Services or designee after submission of the Medical Withdrawal Provider Form.
  5. Once medical withdrawal is granted, in order to return, the student will need to apply for readmission.

The student will need to provide a completed Provider Report Form stating that the student is able to return to College and will be able to perform the essential functions of the educational program. If the medical withdrawal is for psychological health reasons, the student will also need to follow the procedures in the Required Medical Withdrawal Policy