Catalog Disclaimer

The information in this catalog is current at the time of publication. If you are pursuing a degree, you are obligated to fulfill the requirements as they are listed in the catalog for the semester in which you enroll in that program.

If the requirements change after you have enrolled in the program, you have the option of fulfilling either the old or new requirements. If you elect to fulfill the old requirements and find that necessary courses have been eliminated or substantially revised, you may substitute other courses with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). If a revision is required by an external accreditation certification body, and this body submits a written statement to the College that the accreditation of a program or certification of its graduates is in jeopardy unless students fulfill the new requirements, the option of fulfilling the old requirements may not apply.

Students returning from a withdrawal or absence exceeding one semester will require a review by the Department Head and Dean of Undergraduate Studies who will subsequently recommend course standing to the VPAA for a final decision.

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