Drug Free Policy

Drug-Free Colleges and Communities Act Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy

Ringling College considers the abuse of drugs or alcohol by its faculty, staff and students to be unsafe and counterproductive to the educational process and the work environment. It is Ringling College's policy that the illegal possession, use, consumption, sale, purchase, or distribution of alcohol, illegal drugs, or illegally possessed drugs by any employee, while in the workplace, on campus, or in the conduct of Ringling college-related work off campus, is strictly prohibited.

For purposes of this policy, campus is defined as any area used for work, recreation, residence hall or parking purposes, including sidewalks and exterior areas. The College permits persons of legal drinking age or older to possess and consume alcoholic beverages within the confines or private units within the Bayou village and Palmer Quadrangle, subject to all federal, state, and local laws, and the guidelines which have been established by the College (see “Guidelines for Legal Use of Alcohol in Private Student Residences” in the Student Handbook.)

This policy is not designed to interfere with the appropriate use of prescription drugs. Employees should notify their supervisors if the proper use of prescribed medication will affect work or academic performance. Abuse of prescription drugs will be treated as a violation of this policy.

The complete policy is posted to the Ringling website https://www.ringling.edu/policies-and-procedures/