First Year (Freshman) Applicant

A First Year applicant is typically a recent high school graduate who has not previously matriculated to a college or university accredited by an approved agency as outlined in the transfer applicant section. To be considered for First Year admission, an applicant must provide the following:

  1. A completed application via the Common Application Form, along with a nonrefundable $70 application fee or fee waiver.
  2. Submission of a formal letter of recommendation or teacher evaluation is optional. Applicants can submit the following as supplemental material for admission consideration:
    1. Submission of a Secondary School Report from a high school counselor.
    2. Submission of a Teacher Evaluation Form from a high school teacher.
    3. Submission of a formal Letter of Recommendation from a high school teacher.
    4. For Homeschool Applicants: Submission of a formal Letter of Recommendation from an appropriate non-family member.
  3. Submission of official academic transcripts from all high schools (Grades 9-12) that the applicant attended. If the applicant took any courses from a college or university for credit, those transcripts should be submitted as well. A minimum 2.0 cumulative academic grade point average (or its equivalent) is required to be considered for admission. The applicant must also be in good academic standing (not on academic probation or dismissal) at their last attended institution. Transcripts will only be received in the following ways:
    1. A sealed, official copy sent via mail or courier.
    2. Parchment, Clearinghouse, or other approved E-transcript services.
    3. ​​​​​​The Central Application Service in the Common Application.
  4. Completion of a standard high school diploma or possess a Certificate of High School Equivalency (GED), as recognized by a State Board of Education.

    Homeschool Applicants:
    Homeschoolers must achieve and submit one of the following:
    1. Standard high school diploma recognized by their local school district.
    2. GED diploma.
    3. A minimum of 12 college credits through dual enrollment.
    4. A homeschool transcript with corresponding course descriptions, syllabi, and/or curricular details.
    5. An ACT score of 15 or above or a SAT score of 899 or above.

    6. FLDOE Home Education Affidavit (for FL residents only).  Available online:

  5. Submission of an art portfolio via the Arts Supplement portion of the Common Application (SlideRoom). Submission of a visual art or written portfolio is required for all majors unless otherwise noted on the application.
  6. While SAT and ACT scores are not required for admission, it is recommended that applicants submit those test scores for academic advising.