Grading System

Course grades are issued to students at the end of each semester and are available for student viewing on Self-Service after all grades have been posted and the Academic Standards Committee has met. Errors or problems arising out of an assigned grade should be reported to the instructor or the Registrar within 10 working days after the semester ends. Approved changes in grades must be made within 30 days of the first month of the following semester.

Grade point averages (G.P.A.s) are based on a 4-point scale. Letter grades are assigned the following approximate numerical equivalents. To figure the G.P.A., multiply the number of credit hours each course carries by the numerical equivalent of the letter grade, add those results and divide by the total number of hours attempted. The result will be the G.P.A. Grades for transfer credit are not included in the computation of the student’s G.P.A.

Grade Numerical Equivalent Percent Scores
A (Superior Performance) 4.00 94-100
A- 3.67 91-93
B+ 3.33 88-90
B (Above Average) 3.00 84-87
B- 2.67 81-83
C+ 2.33 78-80
C (Average Performance) 2.00 74-77
C- 1.67 71-73
D+ 1.33 68-70
D (Below Average) 1.00 64-67
D- (Lowest Passing Grade) 0.67 61-63
F (Failing) 0.00 0-60
WF (Withdrew Failing) 0.00 0

*Scores above .5 will be rounded up to the next full point.

These grades are not computed in the G.P.A.:

P Credit But No Grade (grade of "C" or better)
N No Credit
W Withdrew Passing 
I Incomplete 

Incompletes are granted only by the direction of the instructor.

The Amended Grading policy, utilized during the COVID pandemic from 2020-21 through 2021-22, is no longer in effect.