Incomplete Grade Policy

Students unable to finish coursework due to circumstances beyond their control may petition instructors to grant a grade of Incomplete ("I") at the end of a semester. Instructors can obtain the “Petition for an Incomplete” form through the Office of Advising, Records, and Registration Services.

An Incomplete Grade may be given to a student who has not been able to complete the required coursework because of extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control such as documented illness, hospitalization, or death in family. The instructor may choose to issue the grade of Incomplete, or the student may request the grade of Incomplete, as long as there is a valid reason.

Assignment of an Incomplete Grade presumes that the student will be able to complete the coursework in the timeframe established and that the instructor will be able to review the completed work in that timeframe. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor to complete coursework by the established deadline.

For the purposes of Academic Standing calculation, an "I" grade is averaged into a student’s term GPA with a grade point value of 0.00 and can affect a student’s academic standing until resolved. An Incomplete Grade not resolved by the deadline will revert to the earned grade as noted on the Incomplete Petition form.