International Baccalaureate (IB) Equivalency Chart

IB Higher Level Test Minimum Score for Credit Ringling College General Education Course Equivalency
Biology 4 Scientific Practices
Business Management 4 General Education Elective
Chemistry 4 Scientific Practices
Classical Languages 4 General Education Elective
Computer Science 4 Scientific Practices
Dance  4* Open Elective
Design Technology 4 Scientific Practices
Economics 4 General Education Elective
Film 4* Open Elective 
Further Mathematics 4 Scientific Practices
Geography 4 Social and Behavioral Sciences
Global Politics 4 Social and Behavioral Sciences
History 4 General Education Elective
Information Technology in Global Society 4 Open Elective
Language A: Language and Literature 4 Writing 
Language A: Literature 4 Literature and Media Studies
Language B 4 General Education Elective
Mathematics 4 Scientific Practices
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches 4 Scientific Practices
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation 4 Scientific Practices
Music 4* Open Elective
Philosophy 4 Arts and Humanities
Physics 4 Scientific Practices
Psychology 4 Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social and Cultural Anthropology 4 Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sports, Exercise, and Health Science 4 Scientific Practices
Theatre 4* Open Elective
Visual Arts 4* Open Elective

*Students are not eligible to receive credit for IB foreign language exams that are the same as their native language. However, they may receive credit for AP foreign literature exams that are the same as their native language.

**Studio Art IB tests can only count for open elective credit, not Liberal Arts Elective credit.