Off-Campus Financial Aid Policy

Ringling College of Art and Design believes in the value of students who would like to study in one of its off-campus study programs. Questions have often arisen as to the extent of financial aid a student may receive who participates in the International Center of Photography Program, the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Mobility Program and other off-campus programs affiliated with Ringling College. Federal, state and institutional financial aid that support tuition and fees charges at Ringling College will be maintained. Typically, all government sponsored grants (e.g. Federal Pell Grants, Federal SEOG, Florida Resident Access Grant and Bright Futures) are also fully applicable to all such programs. Students who receive institutional financial aid for non-tuition and fee costs of attendance, such as room and board, will not be able to apply this financial aid toward their off-campus study.

The cost for many off-campus study programs can be greater than the cost of studying at Ringling College. Students should consider out-of-pocket expenses when deciding whether they can afford a given program. Students considering off-campus study are encouraged to meet with the Office of Financial Aid for assistance in reviewing their financial aid to determine what can be applied to the costs of the offcampus program and for help in identifying potential outside scholarship funds.