Program Readiness Skills

Student preparedness and program readiness for the undertaking of curriculum requirements in any of the undergraduate programs at Ringling College will include the following skills and abilities. All students should be able to exhibit these capabilities in order to be successful in their coursework and throughout all four years of study.

1. Presence and Attention
  • Attend all classes in person or online as required by the institution
  • Ability to focus with a strong attention span
  • Ability to follow verbal, written, and video instructions
2. Communication and Collaboration
  • A proficient command of the English language
  • Ability and willingness to contribute in class discussions
  • Verbally present and defend work in front of a group in the classroom
  • Ability and willingness to collaborate with a diverse group
  • Openness towards receiving constructive feedback
3. Basic Skills and Academic Preparation
  • Basic ability to navigate file and folder structures on a computer
  • Basic research skills
  • Basic reading comprehension skills
  • Ability to write basic, grammatically complete sentences
4. Self-Management
  • Ability to time manage projects to completion and meet deadlines
  • An intellectual curiosity and desire to learn
  • Ability to self-motivate
  • Ability to self-advocate

Note: Student Access Services is available to assist qualified students with disabilities in providing reasonable accommodations that do not fundamentally alter the program or curriculum.