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Student Grievance Policy

Ringling College of Art and Design has established procedures for addressing and resolving student Reports in a fair and professional manner. All policies and procedures for handling student Reports are detailed in this Student Handbook, and are available to all students through the College website. All new students are oriented to the Student Handbook and College policies during Ringling College’s New Student Orientation. Students sign an acknowledgement during Orientation that they are responsible for reading and knowing the contents of the Student Handbook. An announcement is also sent out via student email and portal to remind students of the importance of knowing the contents of the Student Handbook and how it can be accessed. Ringling College takes student grievances/Reports very seriously. Please see the Policy below.


The primary objective of a student grievance process is to ensure concerns are promptly dealt with and resolutions reached in a fair manner. It is essential each student be given adequate opportunity to bring Reports and problems to the attention of Ringling College. The student grievance process may only be used to make a complaint about a College action or decision when there is no other process to address that particular issue (e.g. Code of Conduct, Grade Appeal, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, etc.).

Students are encouraged to resolve concerns by first talking directly with the College representative involved. If a student has not been able to resolve his or her complaint by speaking directly with the individual, he or she should discuss it with the College official responsible for that area of the College. The student should attempt to resolve the issue within 30 days of the occurrence. If the student is still not satisfied, he or she may file a written complaint, using the Student Grievance Form, with the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students as soon as possible, but no later than 6 months from the date of the incident. The Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students will review the complaint and determine the appropriate Office or Department to respond to the complaint. If the complaint is about the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, the student should direct the complaint to the President.

If the complaint involves allegations of harassment, sexual misconduct, or any form of unlawful discrimination, the complaint should be made using the procedures specific to those policies. The Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students (Deputy Title IX Coordinator), the Director of Human Resources (Deputy Title IX Coordinator) and the Executive Vice President f (Title IX Coordinator) will assist the student in processing the complaint.

Approved by President’s Cabinet/Senior Officers Plus on February 18, 2015

The complete policy is posted to the Ringling website

Students, faculty and staff may also report any alleged code of conduct violations or other concerns by using the Incident Report E-Form. There is the option to remain anonymous, but this may limit the college’s ability to respond and take action. Please save this link. It is also available on the college’s website.